For over 100 years, Dresser Wayne has been a leading supplier of integrated solutions to the global retail petroleum industry.  Since there modest beginning in 1890, Dresser Wayne has continually been on the forefront of innovative technology, and to this day Dresser Wayne fuel dispensers and after-sale support services continue to revolutionize the industry.

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Standard Dispensing Technology

     Ovation LX                      Ovation iX                         Ovation                              Vista 4/V                              Vista 3/V

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   Vista HS Master and Satellite                                   Century                          Reliance G5200                          DEF

Fleet Series


       Select                   Reliance G6200           Reliance S1

Dispenser Technology


iGEM Electronics         iX Tech        iX Pay PCI Compliance          iSense              iDPOS              XFLO Meter

               Fusion Controller

Mechanical Technology


            XFLO Meter                                                 iMETER                                     Pumping Unit

Dispenser Security

Whether underground or aboveground tank installations, or fueling rates from 15 to 50 GPM (57 to 188 LPM), there is a Gasboy fleet or commercial dispenser for your application.

All models are designed specifically for the demanding requirements of fleet and commercial fueling. Suction pump models are built with heavy duty, belt-driven pumping units, and all models contain the industry' s most accurate positive displacement meter. Electronic and mechanical registration models are available. For saddle tank fueling applications, satellite dispensers are offered for fueling on both sides of the vehicle.

Gasboy dispensers are compatible with methanol and ethanol for alternative fuel applications. Most models have Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) listings to meet safety code approvals.

To learn more about the Dispensers that Gasboy offer Click on the Picture Below...

         Atlas 8700K                            Atlas 8800K                             Atlas 9100                           Atlas 9800

              Atlas AST